Friday, April 20, 2007

PBS Documentary: The Mormons

Here's a Deseret News review of the new two-part PBS documentary, The Mormons. Part one airs April 30, 8:00 Central, part two May 1st also at 8:00. Watch a trailer here.

Here's an article from the church's website.


Cabeza said...

Any idea how to get a hold of the First Presidency letter that was read over the pulpit a couple weeks ago? It talked about how the Church doesn't endorse the series, but also about how it may open opportunities to talk about the Church with friends and coworkers. My bishop only read part of the letter; I wonder if the whole text is available for members.

JKC said...

I don't know. I'll investigate. From the Church's website it appears that some Church officials have gotten defensive over the film's discussion of polygamy and the mountain meadows massacre. However, I think the unnamed "officials" might actually just be COB bureaucrats rather than the brethren themselves.