Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogs are an ocean

And on this small craft, I now set sail into a vast sea of humanity (Yeah, more like, "avast ye, you manatee!"). Basically, what went down was this: a friend and brother-in-law sent me a blog post that he had written. While perusing that, I followed a link to a blog by another friend of mine who is a contributor to the first blog.

Being the lemming that I am, I decided that I too needed a non-law-school-related way to release some creative energy before it all shrivels up and falls out in my earwax and I am left a merciless hour-billing automaton. I might have some poems, essays or other creative writings, I might have some reviews of books, movies, restaurants or other such things. I might have some nonsensical stream-of-consciousness. I might slowly slip into madness. If so, I might leave a record.

Then again, it is entirely possible that I might grow tired of this and leave only a mysterious fragment---my memory buried up to its neck in the desert of time, swept by winds that whisper my name, a vagabond ghost as forgotten as the مولقيين (Mūlaqiyyīn).

The blog name is an inverted adaptation of the name of a band who took their name from a George C. Scott movie, which movie name was in turn taken from a line spoken by the protagonist of a 17th-Century Spanish novel. I don't know where Cervantes got it from.

Read if you wish. It might be a waste of time.


Cabeza said...

First post! Oh, wait, I'm not one of those mindless internet forum posters...

I just wanted to say that I’m proud to now be officially named as a writing influence for Jared Cook: poet, essayist, English major, BYU writing lab employee, and future Juris Doctor extraordinaire. And now blogger. Welcome, lad!

Good first post. Kind of reminds me of mine, so long ago... I look forward to the madness.

JKC said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to keep the madness coming.

Anonymous said...

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