Friday, September 12, 2008

Lazarus, come forth!

This is my first attempt at resurrecting a blog. This blog is dead and it stinketh. Even to me it doth stink. Nevertheless, here we go. Round two.

A word of explanation: I quite posting because I got busy. I thought, when the school year ends I'll have more time. Then I started work, and realized that the reality is that school is the best time to blog because you can do it all day. Blogging at work doesn't really fly.

But I'll try to get up and running now that I'm back in school, and now that I'm in the third law school year (i.e. class is even less relevant than the first two years). There may be all kinds of good stuff on the way: inane musings, pithy witticisms, sage proverbs, aphorism, and maxims, perhaps a platitude or two, tales of my adventures at the RNC, and war stories from the fronts of the law school/getting a job battle.

Wish me luck.

Then again, maybe Frankenstein is a better parallel than Lazarus.


ke said...

Yea!!! Welcome home!

amanda said...


Cabeza said...

Hooray for We might be windmills!

Does this mean that you'll also resurrect the serial saga of Pablito?

The Shark said...

Yeah, Ra's Al Ghul.