Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why is this not on the headline of every paper?

My perusal of the drudge report last week yielded this: "Automated Killer Robots are a Threat to Humanity."

I have three reactions. First, it's redundant. Aren't all robots automated? Isn't "automated" a derivative of "automaton," which is just another word for robot anyway? Second, that kind of seems like a no-brainer. I mean, if there really are automated killer robots out there, isn't it pretty obvious that they would be a threat to humanity? Third, if automated killer robots actually are threatening humanity, why is this not being trumpeted from the rooftops? Must be the liberal media with it's pro-robot agenda.


Bjorn said...

Here, because you asked for it.

The Shark said...

What if they were "killer robots" that only killed mice? Then they WOULDN'T be a threat to humanity now, would they? Or maybe they kill viruses, which would actually AID us! Eh? EH?

Also... doesn't "automated," in this sense, mean that they operate without being manipulated by a person? As in, they're running off a program, not a joystick.