Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Walter Mondale!

Walter Mondale, namesake of my Law School, former VP and one-time presidential candidate turned 80 today. I gotta say, he looks pretty good for his age. Too bad he's endorsing Clinton.


Bjorn said...

I shook his hand once. I canvased a neighborhood in a scary part of St Paul when he ran for that brief time after Wellstone went all Big Bopper on us. I'd give most anything to have that scrappy fighter back again.

rudy172 said...

Interesting that Obama-supporting Gary Hart lost to Hillary-supporting Mondale, who asked of the previous generation’s “rock star” politician, “Where’s the beef?”

From what I saw of the debate last night, all Obama, Hillary and Edwards are all behaving badly. They should be focused like lasers on Bush and the awful field of Republican candidates.

But this is what happens when you pretend that you can make common cause with religious fanatics and greedy corporations – you attack your own side.

Cabeza said...

Who is rudy172? And why is he so bitter?

rudy172 said...

I will be bitter if the eventual nominee is so wounded by character assassination at the hands of other democrats, that we end up with a republican in the white house again.
Right now I’m just concerned.