Monday, October 8, 2007

Negative space---filled!

It has been raining almost nonstop in Minneapolis for about two weeks. We get a day here or there with a peek of sunshine and some longer periods with clouded monotony, but it seems to be almost all interminable rain.

Add to that the fact that the temp's been hovering around 80-85 degrees. It's been steamy, and not in a sexy way. It's wrong for October.

On a positive note, I did grill some salmon last night. I did a garlic, black pepper, basil, and oregano rub with olive oil and salt on the fish. We ate it with risotto.

We moved last weekend. It was tiring and stressful. The best part was when our landlady told us Saturday morning that we had to leave Saturday night (this after telling us previously that we couldn't leave until Monday night). But with a few guys recruited from the ward, and some missionaries that showed up at the end, we were all moved into our new place with the bed set up by about 9:30.

So now we have another bedroom. And our ceilings are higher, but they're wooden, which makes it darker, but not too oppressive because of the height. And we have more kitchen space, which is a huge bonus. And we don't have to go up stairs to go home. On the other hand, people on the sidewalk can look right into our windows. But not that many people hang out on the sidewalk near our apartment so it's cool. We get a patio, but since we don't have any patio furniture, my tiny grill looks a little lonely out there.

To fill our new space, and also to have somewhere to put our stuff that was previously stacked up on the floor, we bought some cheap shelves from target and made an ikea run Saturday. Now we have a chrome shelf (I think they call it a microwave cart, but we didn't put the wheels on it) that we put our pots and pans on, a white thing that's like an armoire except really skinny and with shelves instead of a hanger rod and a cabinet on the bottom, two shelves that remind me of orange crates (in a good way), and a really comfy chair. I put them together on Saturday while watching conference over the internet tubes.

We also have a bunch of baby girl clothes. A friend bought us a bunch for C's birthday. Then a lady in the ward gave us a ton of stuff that her boys used to wear. Lots of it is also okay for a girl to wear (like red velvet overalls). She also gave us a swing, a large plastic donut, a crescent shaped pillow, a baby-bouncing thing, a tiny bathtub, a fleece bag to put a kid in before you put the kid in a car seat, a car seat, and a stroller that was kind of sticky. It's nice to have so much free stuff.

Saturday I ate at Fuddrucker's after priesthood. It was good, but it should never cost $6 to eat fries and a chocolate shake. Ahh, Fuddrucker's: the American Eagle to Red Robin's Old Navy.

C wanted some new music to listen to while we packed and unpacked. She got Feist because of the iPod commercial. I told her if she likes Feist she should check out Imogen Heap, so she got Imogen Heap. I got Iron & Wine.

They say baby is going to start recognizing our voices this week.

And if you read all the way to here, thinking I was eventually going to make some insightful comment on all these happenings---sucker!


The Shark said...

I think the Red Robin/Old Navy comment was all the insight I was looking for.

I get to move soon, too. Luckily I haven't accrued anything new since I've moved out here. However, my hermana is moving soon too, and I will be helping her through all of that. I've helped everyone in my family move to each place they are living now (and in some cases, the last COUPLE of places), with the exception of one sister. I also helped my ex-gf move a month ago, and moved myself a few times. It's soooo exciting.

Actually, I am excited about getting some work and being able to afford a bunch of new stuff for myself. It will be fun to own my own bed, I think. And a nice, big desk.

Cabeza said...

If it would help you to feel more at home, Cook, I'll come out there and steal your grill.

Amanda said...

If C likes Feist and Imogen Heap, I'd suggest looking into Regina Spektor as well. Just a thought.

JKC said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll tell her to check it out. But our album budget is pretty much extinguished for a while, unfortunately.

In other news, I just saw the big Amanda outside in the hall. I've decided to call her the Amandota.

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