Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Playing Adam: Naming the cat

Recently, some friends of ours got a cat. Actually, that's not quite accurate. They adopted a domesticated Bengal from a shelter. A Bengal is a cross-breed between domesticated Asian leopards and ordinary housecats. She looks a lot like a cat, but she's longer, shorter, has silkier fur, with spots, and instead of walking like a normal cat she kind of slinks around all low to the ground. And she has much bigger claws. I'm not a cat person, but I thought she was pretty cool.

But they haven't yet named her. They asked for help. I had a few ideas, but nothing I felt strongly about. Here are a few:

1. Sophia: I just think it would be cool to name a cat after the goddess of wisdom.
2. Minerva: ditto.
3. Sphinx: what's her secret?
4. Anubis: I think this is an awesome name for a cat, but it kind of has to be a black cat, and a male.
5. General Tsao: awesome name, but I think its fits a male cat a little better.
6. Cleopatra: I like it, but isn't it a little commonplace as a cat name?
7. Grandma Moses: I like the idea of naming pets after historical figures. My property prof last year had a dog named William the Conqueror. I'd like to name a dog Lord Byron. Pushkin is also a god name for a dog, but it has to be a huskie or malamute. Plus, if they called her Grandma Moses, she could be G-Mo for short.
8. Boudica: always a good choice.
9. Pantera: this has the advantage of doubling as a cat-like name and a metal band name.
10. Nefretiri: I like it.

Any other suggestions? Which of these is best?


Bjorn said...

Considering my cats are Zoe and Zelda, I'd be partial to Zazou or Ziggy. Otherwise, maybe Adina?

Warren said...

I just want to say that is one sweet looking cat, the kind I would want if I were getting one.

I would try to name it after some sort of leopard God, if one exists.

Bjorn said...

Gasp! Could that be the leopard-like beast referred to in Revelation!?

Ammit is at least part leopard, but really wasn't worshiped as much as feared by the Egyptians. It's hard to have compassion to a demon who eats your heart, if you are wicked, in the afterlife and stands next to a lake of fire.

Bjorn said...

That would be some good trickery to make a demon look so cute.

dallon said...

when mom and dad give spencer a cat for his birthday i'm naming it spacehorse, but i think althea or bertha would be neat

Kjerstin said...

I'm for historical figures. You get a kind of elitist pleasure for knowing who the figure was in the first place and you get the satisfation of comparing your animal with the historical figure later. Also, I know first hand. My childhood pets: Kaiser; Napoleon (Popo, the parrot); Victoria (Toto, cocker spaniel); Edward, Elizabeth, Louis (terriers), Charles. Yeah, my parents had a thing for the monarchy...

Mark said...

Hi, am hoping to talk you into posting the ownership of that cat picture you posted. That comes from my website and is my boy RW SGC Drinkwater Derringer of Mystre and he and his offspring can be found at:


I would appreciate it as we work really hard to make cats of that caliber. Thank you very much in advance.


Anonymous said...

I've got a cat called Edie but I think Spotty would be a very good name for that cat, though reading the description I think Demoness would be even better