Monday, May 7, 2007

Provo: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The other night, on the way to Ben & Jerry's for some quality overpriced ice cream, I found myself missing some of my favorite Provo haunts. One of the greatest things about Provo is that eating out is cheap. That memory inspired these lists:

Things I miss about Provo:
1. Diego's.
2. Smart Cookie.
3. Smokehouse.
4. Climbing Timp, Provo Peak, and Cascade.
5. Sitting on a couch on a porch with three Italians eating quesadillas.
6. The corporal.
7. The temple. (No, really, I actually do like it.)
8. Steve Robinson's rants.
9. Jeff Ringer not reading my papers and giving me A's.
10. Friends who sound like Jimmy Stewart and have a teacher named George Bailey.
11. The HBLL.
12. The Provo library.

Things I do not miss about Provo:
1. Ward prayer.
2. Stadium of Fire.
3. Poli Sci majors that think they know everything.
4. The great cinder block caper of aught-five.
5. A grill-stealing landlord.
6. Artificial price supports imposed on the housing market by the BYU approved housing regime.
7. One-party rule.
8. Ghettoization of student housing.

Things from Provo on which I am ambivalent or indifferent:

1. The Homecoming Spectacular (more accurately known as the Homecoming OK).
2. Red Robin.
3. Darrell.
4. Beto's.
5. Walking around with the Shark on a hot day waiting for his car stereo to be installed.


Cabeza said...

I have a few responses/observations:

I hope that #3 under the bad list wasn't directed at me. I only think I know most things.

I believe "ot" is spelled "aught" (a friend challenged me on the use of the word when I sang the song once, so I had to look it up).

It seems that numbers 4, 5, and 8 were all the same thing. I believe that that puts the appropriate amount of emphasis on how much Sam sucks.


And finally, on the things you don't miss list I would have included girls who walk 45 minutes up Timp and then decide to turn back, forcing you to escort her to the parking lot and wait for your friend that you had to call at midnight to come back and pick her up. *shaking fist*

JKC said...

Don't worry, you're not referenced. I'm referring to the 2 or 3 stupid people that dominate every class discussion with ill-formed and uninformed opinions.

Yes, aught is the correct spelling. I'll make that correction.

The cinder-block caper and the grill theft were perhaps redundant. Gehttoization, however, is not just the fault of bad managers and landlords. I was also talking about the agreement BYU housing has with the city to not approve housing outside of a certain perimeter away from campus, which leads to the creation of a student "ghetto." Also, the city ordinance that more than 5 miles (I think its 5) away from campus, you cannot have unrelated people living in the same house--a sneaky way of saying no students unless they live right by campus.

The Shark said...

You loved my car stereo fiasco, and you know it.

Darrell said...

I'll take what I can get. "Indifference" is better than some things, I guess... I'm just glad I didn't get put in the same catergory as "grill-stealing managers."

JKC said...

Oh Darrell. You know I love you.

Warren said...

I miss Cafe Rio and Beto's as a poor man's Cafe Rio. The HBLL was a quality library. Having the religion faculty near was nice. It was good to see Grimace at McDonalds.

I don't miss devotionals shutting everything down and people always talking about the honor code. Not worrying about shaving or what time it is are definitely not missed. The student housing requirements that create a cartel that results in higher prices and lower quality is possibly the thing I miss the least. *shaking fist*